SHLOK Inception

What: A training program to teach children in 1 particular government school english and computers

Where: JP nagar 7th phase (next to the puttenahalli lake)

Why: the number 1 differentiator between private school students and government school kids is their ability to communicate, we wish to close this gap

When: We meet up every Saturday @ about 9.30 to 10.00 before heading to the school @ 10.30 every Saturday.


I have been in JP nagar 7th phase since Dec of 2006. I would often tell myself while driving or riding past this government school that ‘ i should do something for them, i should do something for them, i didn’t know what but i knew that i wanted to help in some way if feasible. this idea remained in my head for nearly 4 years before i did anything about it. i would say that doing something is a matter of priority and not time as one of my friends always say.

The idea

Then sometime in 2011 an idea struck me and kept a hold of me, the idea was to teach these kids in the government school English. the thought process behind it was that the major difference between private schools and government school kids is that the private school kids can communicate and rap in English real well. :), This was one area which i thought was doable and a long-term effort.

The struggle

Well since the idea got a hold of me i just kept going @ it, i contacted the big 4 IT firms and a number of others, unfortunately none of the CSR in these companies could push the thought through, this is not to deride rather tell you why the approach below works.

The founding

I joined IBM @ the start of 2012 and the idea was still in my head, as soon as i joined our company i asked around regarding the CSR policy.  i found something called the ondemand community and registered my initiative on it.

The momentum

i started getting new requests for volunteering almost as soon as i posted this program. i waited for a few months and then finally 2 chaps called me and said ‘lets meet up’, up until then this initiative was just resting in cyberspace.. :),  with their help and some new volunteers along with the headmaster we held our 1st class one week later some time in the month of July i think.

The road ahead

the path behind us has been full of challenges, however i see the road ahead to be full of possibilities..

we now have around 10 volunteers who turn up regularly including some folk from non-ibm backgrounds as well.. for us to make an impact in these kids lives we need to persist with our volunteer activities and find ways to make the learning more fun and interactive.

In case you have read so far, i would thank you for your patience, and in case you wish to volunteer do reach out to our Facebook group or on this blog.

Some of our current contributors are Prashanth, Tania, tuhina, Swetha, Vani, Shobha, Manohar, Darshan

they can be found through our Facebook group as well



We would love to hear from you, let us know, alternatively you can join our facebook page @:

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