Of saturday mornings and fun with kids

What does fun mean to you? Movies? Good food? Shopping? Can giving something be fun too?
Come and be a part of SHLOK, at Govt School, puttenhalli, and the kids here will help you discover the answer! Yes, they come from underprivileged backgrounds. They dress up in mismatched uniforms and sometimes oversized shoes. They wash all the vessels after their free midday meal. But they will still teach you how to have fun while you give away your time and your love.
Enter the school and you would be overwhelmed by the number of kids who come shooting towards you to shake hands with you. You will feel like a real celebrity as they wish you “Good morning”, complete with a salute! Move on to the classes and you are greeted with little tottering feet that just won’t rest. Bump, scamper, smile, laugh, clap…the energy in the kids is to be witnessed to be believed.
The girls are full of giggles….and love to recite poems, songs and riddles…not ONCE but FIVE or SIX times in a row if there is an audience. The boys ask you eager questions, hoping to outshine the others. But whatever they do, one thing is certain. The positive energy will engulf you, shake you up and pull you in. And before you realise, you are laughing at the same jokes as them, singing along, acting out stories…and voila…you are a kid again!
You can join in all the fun too! It’s uplifting. It’s soul satisfying. And the best part is that the kids will just love having you over! If you are interested in lending a hand to the SHLOK gang, join in here https://www.facebook.com/groups/SHLOK/

Picture and word association to make the kids understand what they were learning.


We would love to hear from you, let us know, alternatively you can join our facebook page @: https://www.facebook.com/shlokfoundation

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