May I have a chocolate?

I am sure there is a word for the feeling that parents get while they punish their child to make him or her realize that the way they behaved was inappropriate. I got the same feeling one day at Shlok!

No, I am not married neither did I beat a child so put that phone down!!!

When we began our endeavor at Shlok we conventionally started distributing sweets at the end of every session at the school. (Something that does not happen even in a chic school). Little did we know that we were making it a habit and that the kids were expecting this at the end of every session. So we decided we would occasionally distribute sweets where we feel that “okay! You’ve done a great job and you deserve this.” So we put an end to carrying sweets and chocolates regularly.

The class that I usually teach in has a really bright kid who could spell everything, at least of what we taught. Yes everything! I am using a spell check while I write this. But this kid is brilliant. It wont surprise me if she tops her class in English.

While teaching the English alphabet to the class, we would associate words with every letter, pronounce them and asked the class to repeat after us. As expected they all did. There was this bright child who came up to me and showed me that she had written down every word that we referred. Not even one of the spellings was wrong, not even half.
I praised her and she went back to her seat happy and content. After a couple of minutes the bell rang.(They must crave that Saturday bell that marks the eve of a much awaited holiday.) Their entropy shot North , there was joy , bags back on every kids back , few kids shutting windows while others tidied the class. Amidst all this euphoria that kid walked up to me and asked me for a sweet and I had none that day. I still remember the expression on her face when I said I dint have one. It didn’t make it any better while I promised her again and again. I could read her i-deserve-an-appreciation eyes.

As she walked away I realized I had done something terrible. I did give her a chocolate the next time but I still cant remember that word.


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