Little Angels of SHLOK….wants your love and affection…they say PLZ HELP US….. with a big smile on their face…

Friends….As part of Shlok’s initiative; we have been realizing that the teachings that we do is not complete without the stationary; which is one big thing that the little children in our school lack. For that to be in place I personally request all of you to just go ahead and contribute in a small way you can. It can be either monetary or notebooks, pencils, erasers or color boxes ….whatever you can….

Looking forward for your help….

In case you are interested to contribute in monetary ….please nominate yourself with your name and a statement supporting as monetary.
If its notebooks – then your name and statement supporting as notebook…and so on…

Then we can generate a report and personally email to everyone on how do we go ahead with the collections.

Tania Bakshi


We would love to hear from you, let us know, alternatively you can join our facebook page @:

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