My First Moments at Shlok

As I entered the class, I saw about ten children eagerly waiting to learn their new lessons. I was worried about one thing, the language. For me, all I know is ‘Kannada gothilla’, and I was sure that wasn’t going to help either. Anyways, with the support of my friends, I started teaching them some three letter words. I was totally amazed at the way some children responded. At the same time, some children were still facing trouble and were struggling to write letters. I realise.. what it really means to be blessed. Not that these children aren’t, but how much we are blessed. I never had the difficulty to read or write or even understand things because of the environment and schools I was brought up in. But the happiness I felt, when I was with the kids is inexplicable. I look forward to the next session with these lovely children

-Anjali Pillai



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