Experience beyond Expectations

“Hi, Good Morning, What is your name?” These were the first few lines the little tots came up with, I was shocked to see all of them coming up to me and greeting without knowing me. Those innocent faces had priceless smiles and too many questions in their minds,  they were all so eager to know what I was going to teach them, “akka, are you teaching English?”. The kids weren’t scared to come up to me and ask questions, but I was, I had butterflies in my stomach as it was the first time I stood in front of so many kids to teach, this was the big difference between me and them. There were a few kids responding to what was being taught, few running around and having great fun, few noting down every small thing written on the blackboard…but once they heard the bell go, their faces lit up and they were in a hurry to leave, but before they left, they came up to me and said bye, thank you and a few kids asked “are you coming again next week?”, that was the moment when I promised myself that I will be a part of SHLOK always. The happiness I felt after spending an hour with the kids is inexplicable. I want this to continue…..and it will…

– Keerthi


3 thoughts on “Experience beyond Expectations

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