SHLOK’s vision and SHLOK35 for volunteers

SHLOK started in 2012 as an organization that wanted to help children in government schools with 2 specific skill sets- the ability to communicate in English and the knowledge to utilize computers.

What we never anticipated was the tremendous uptake from the children @ these schools and the sense of satisfaction that one got while teaching and learning from these kids. Read this post by one of our volunteers on what SHLOK gave her:

What started as a single chapter in Bangalore soon mushroomed into an another in chapter which now runs out of Chennai. We have utilized the on demand community services of IBM to try and launch a few more chapters in Bangalore in the Hebbal, Basvesanagara, Vijaynagar and Austin town areas. While these are work in progress we do hope that these will launch sooner than later so that we have a wider net of students who we can help.

Our shared vision for SHLOK is to definitely take this beyond 2 schools, we await the launch of these new chapters for us to spread our wings. Our ulitmate goal is to make the kids learn by themselves- this is feasible and was demonstrated in the Sugata Mitra experiment:,

The idea is to see if this experiment can be taken to a much a larger scale- say 1000 government schools in Bangalore, Chennai and simply be a NGO which supplies infrastructure and then understand what kids are learning on their own. the reason we are keen on taking up this model is because we find that one of the major challenges to getting active volunteers is to get their time on a regular basis.

The challenges before us are immense; however if we manage to launch the ‘Mitra’ model in 1000 schools then i estimate that we would have fundamentally altered 1000’s of lives if not tens of thousands.

This is the future model for SHLOK and a lofty goal for all of us here in team SHLOK.

It is with this in mind that i have come up with the idea of SHLOK35 for volunteers, the idea is to spend just 5 minutes a day acting on a SHLOK priority- for example computer procurement, or website or content or new promotions so that we can get this movement in to  high gear. If all the active volunteers can just contribute 35 minutes then we will create something spectacular, something we can proudly say that we have given back to our society and to the next generation.

Thanks and here is wishing you a very happy 2013 from team SHLOK.


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