Life Changing Experience- Ashu’s Day 1 at Shlok

Happiness… Hope…Fun…Learning… some of my experiences when I stepped into the classroom with Meghna. It did not seem that she had met with the kids just twice earlier. The kids were excited and were openly discussing with Meghna. I could sense that the kids were motivated – they not just had the need to learn, but also the want…

While Meghna had to leave during the mid-day meal, I could spend more time with the kids. The headmaster entered our classroom and it was very nice of him to address the kids and talk to them about the importance of communicating in English. The fact that each kid was certain that they shall not become a wage labor when they grow up made me realize that the headmaster had a genuine interest in the welfare of the kids.

Every first experience @ SHLOK is really memorable and life changing. Do read about how Keerthi felt during her first visit

From the previous experience I’ve had while teaching kids, these kids were no different. Each one of them had the will to learn, to perform, the attitude of helping their classmate, and most importantly – they were all naughty and fun loving. Meghna had discussed with each kid earlier about their aspiration. Some wanted to be teachers, one wanted to become a software engineer and work at Manyata J , some wanted to be doctors, and most boys like I had planned during my childhood – wanted to be policemen.


I remember having heard a speech by Mike Johnston, a Teach For America Alumnus. Quoting him, “There are just two things we should offer to children – Truth and Hope. Hope without truth is fantasy and truth without hope is failure. It’s only through the both of those that you are actually see what’s possible”

With the hope that together we can make a little difference in the world, (as quoted by Ashwin Natrajan), and the truth that education needs a lot of help from people willing to make a difference, I will be looking forward to working with the volunteers at Shlok and would love to see the little difference we all would make in the near future.





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