To give pride and dignity to kids


My first day at Puttenahalli Govt. School was of sheer joy…as I always wanted to just go to this school and ‘do’ something….. Every time I drove by this school for six years…..every time…..I said I have to go to this school……and so, when Smitha took me on entering the gates …I felt sheer joy at just being there! What I wanted to do…..well, SHLOK helped me do just that!  Thank YOU!

The  sight of kids sitting on the floor with huge smiles made me want to go and hug each one of them and say…now we are here..we will teach you speak that elusive ..Englishu ….as the kannadigas say!!!!  I remember telling Smitha, those tiny hands had the tiniest Pencils and they were so engrossed in writing ! Here we take so many things for granted!  I had never taught in a govt school here…well…..but  in the Singapore Govt schools where i did teach for a while, they are better than most of our private schools! The  Children here were very enthusiastic…the teachers were very co operative and  we were determined to do our best…what more?

My personal feeling is , they need the basic teaching itself! Some don’t even know the alphabets. Some are very smart! But then , I was keen we do the Phonics alongwith the alphabets so that they can start reading!  It is not going to be easy! Maybe we should start from grade I……by grade III they are a little older…..what do you all think?  Then we are giving them a better foundation.  I am very keen we discuss this in our Saturday CCD meet.  I was discussing with Raghvendra, we should also target grade VIII,IX and X so that they don’t drop out, and we guide them into vocational courses. For this we need to teach them basic functional English. Ultimately, we want these kids so go into the  world with dignity and pride at having achieved some education to sustain themselves and not get into drinking or become labourers etc ……MY own driver studied until 7th and said he left school because he lost interest and today he regrets he can’t even read English.  I truly want every child to have basic education and also English for, we need it,

The enthu all you SHLOK members have, fascinates me!  Long ago on Teachers day one of my student gave me a red rose with a card which had the most beautiful words…I always carry in my heart….he said” A Teacher is not someone who teaches, but makes you want to learn” Thank You, M’ am for being my Teacher……. That has been my mantra ever since!!

Thank You Smitha, Raghvendra for guiding me on my first days at SHLOK.



2 thoughts on “To give pride and dignity to kids

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  2. Absolutely inspired by the work happening. Wishing the very best to the team and the absolutely incredible volunteers who bring teaching alive! Looking forward to read more transformational experiences and hoping to volunteer with Shlok some day! 🙂 Shine on!

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