A ‘thank you’ and a ‘bye’ are the most rewarding

A first of it’s kind experience for me – teaching. It really made me nervous when I stepped into the class. I had never taught earlier. I  had Smitha to help me during the class. The first thing that stuck me was the look of all the wide-eyed, smiling faces of the kids.  As the class begun, I could see them all coming close to the board to see what was being written and quickly scribble it in their books. They also read it out as loud as they could.

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Another realization was how difficult it would be for children from a Kannada medium school to cope up with English – reading, writing and spellings. With a bit of hard work and practice, these could be overcome. Once the class got over, the kids ran up to us and said, “Thank you” and “bye”. It was then, that I felt the most rewarding moment of the day. Such are the joys which cannot be replaced. 

– Rachita Somaiah


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