In learning you will teach and in teaching you will learn


All those years of schooling, a MBA degree and 10 years of delivering professional customer presentations – NOTHING can prepare you for the first few nervous minutes you spend in front of a battalion of 3rd graders looking up at you in awe, harboring myriad expectations!

My first teaching experience at SHLOK not only amplified my admiration for all teachers who play such an important role in our lives but was humbling to say the least. The children were warm and showed no trace of inhibition in opening their minds and hearts to the volunteers – their enthusiasm was contagious and their energy truly admirable.

Our new volunteer Jayalakshmi with kids @ the konanakunte chapter

Our new volunteer Jayalakshmi with kids @ the konanakunte chapter










I have to admit that there were challenges – getting 40 odd students to settle down so I could get started was a daunting task and my “swalpa kannada gothu” situation was a major hindrance in communicating the meaning of key words and phrases. However the connection you establish with the kids helps you overcome these challenges – anyone who witnessed my dumb charades performance will vouch that in the end we did not need words to inspire and amuse each other!

Do take a Read about what our chapter leader Sumukh felt when he started classes @ the Malleswaram, Bangalore here

If I were to sum up my experience in one word I would simply say – “Overwhelming”. Being able to share a few hours every week with these spirited kids is a win win – we attempt to teach them English and in return they teach us the very essence of life!


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