The people that make SHLOK

Isaac Newton once said “If I have seen further than others, it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants.

As we enter the 2nd quarter of 2014 i am very happy and excited to share with you the launch of our 7th chapter in Koramangala, Bangalore.

With this we are now serving 5 schools in Bangalore and 1 in Chennai (with the Malleswaram chapter being shut as we dont have volunteers to take up the cause there).

What is heartening though is that we are now touching the lives of over 500 children every week on a conservative scale. We have also started initiatives such as Yoga for kids to teach them the value of this ancient science, but i digress from the point.

The real point of this blog post is to thank and express gratitude to all the people who are now involved in running SHLOK currently and are involved in day to day operations, please forgive me for any omissions that may follow:

Smitha- for GMPS and running weekday sessions (we couldnt have kicked if off without you)
Vasanti- for GMPS and being an excellent teacher (we need more teachers like you)
Ragha- for being the all rounder and helping kickstart chapters, coming up with new ideas and being dedicated to the cause more than me.
Madhu- Buddy we are progressing thanks to the work you are putting in getting us a bank account etc
Abhilhash- For being the systems thinker, and helping us connect with different people- also being the voice of ethics in the system and serving konanakunte
Aarati- for joining us in an individual capacity and finding the joy in teaching, thank you
Abhijeet- Bhaiya, thanks for the business planning, expecting us to raise funds now that we have a few pieces of that plan in place
Arvind- for cycling all the way from koramangala and coming to puttenahalli, appreciate the effort. Now that you have the koramangala chapter we are expecting more from you.
Anjali- A wonder teacher and one who understands methodology, hoping that you will bring new teaching methodologies to the kids @ Koramangala
Jayashree- thanks for joining in and adding Yoga to the curriculum
Ashu- Creator of the facebook page, introduced us to Jaya and now Ju which has helped SHLOK immensely, SHLOK owes you a big thanks.
Ju- Thanks for pushing ahead and starting the work @ Koramangala, you are making a huge difference
Jaya- Thanks for pushing ahead and starting work @ KR Puram, you are making a huge difference
Sharan- Hope the computer classes are going well buddy, hoping to meet you soon
Meghna, Ishaan, Sumit?- You are running the nagawara chapter on your own, this is fantastic, lets expand and get you a steady base of volunteers
Sumukh- thanks for starting the malleswaram chapter and owning the change even if it was for a short time, we are trying to get some people back there to re-start things
Aruna, Pavan- Our chennai co-ordinators and kickstarter of SHLOK in Chennai, our only other branch apart from Bangalore, your drive is an inspiration to all of us.
Darshan, Poonam and Deep- Vision and drive to execute a fund raising event all the way from NYC, keep them coming people.

there are many others who are a part of this list and have helped us like Bharat for the short video,
Aditi who is working on another long video, others who have contributed.

We are thankful because what we are achieving is to thanks to these people who have come together.

Cheers and looking forward to a rocking 2014 from SHLOK

Warm regards,

Ashwin N

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