Vani’s first day at Shlok

Thank u very much Vasanti for introducing me to SHLOK!
It was such a wonderful experience to spend quality time with the Puttenhalli government school kids.It is such a noble thought to teach these kids english. I liked the enthusiasm the kids had to learn the language.It was a pleasure to my eye watching Vasanti teach the kids in such a nice way. We need lots of passion and patience to teach these kids because they are not aware of anything about the language.
This academic year is almost over. I would really love to actively get involved in teaching the kids for the next academic year. Yesterday after the class when I came back home, I got so many ideas to implement in teaching the language. I would like to share it with the group. If English is introduced from standard one these kids can learn better. I feel that if at least ten kids in the class have the potential to grasp the language fast and go to the next level, we should focus on those kids and try to make them learn fast. With the rest of the kids we need to go at their pace and may be in two to three years they will be able to understand and reciprocate. 

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