Sudhindra’s first day with SHLOK

My first day in the school..

I announced my name and asked the kids (Grade 4 & 5th clubbed in one room) what they wanted to learn. One kid gave his book with a lesson from Rabindranath Tagore opened for me to teach. I was skeptical to start in English as I wasn’t sure how much they were able to understand. The moment I started reading and translating each line into Kannada, all the kids started to concentrate and repeat after me. Kids and I equally were excited with the team effort.

Grade 1 and 2 kids were extremely eager to learn too and I spent about 40 minutes with them teaching some basic household items in English. 

Clock moved to 11:45 AM and none of the kids wanted to go back home. I had the same feeling and wanted to spend more time with them. I was respectfully reminded of the time by the regular teacher there.

Do read about what our chapter leader Sumukh felt when he started classes @ the Malleswaram, Bangalore here

They wanted me back for the next Saturday and most of them took my hand said “bye sir” when I left… 

It was great experience overall and I wish to teach them on a daily basis…If the school agrees.. 



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