The fall of Konanakunte

Dear friend,

this blog post is about one of the major challenges that volunteer organizations face.

Imagine a dear colleague or a friend leaving your organization- this is something that happens to us all the time in offices, the only difference is that in our case each volunteer that drops creates a massive challenge because these volunteers drive the action for us as an organization.

A year ago i think that we started the konanakunte chapter which was located close to our original puttenahalli chapter.

As of June 2014 this chapter may no longer be existent.

The reason is simple

Volunteer base. The base of volunteers is the single largest factor in the success of organizations like SHLOK.

One thing i have noticed that the volunteer base almost always dips, like a wave structure it has a crest and a trough. the only way to overcome this is to constantly reach out to people and grow your base. this might be easier said than done.

To get committed volunteers is not just a matter of chance it is a blessing. these dedicated people drive activities and make organizations like SHLOK relevant and actions measurable in the context of give back to society. I only wish that this tribe grows.

I think that the ways for us to circumvent these kind of challenges is to:

a. Look at launching SHLOK ‘X’ or SHLOK labs- which can be the radical change that kids need- this is something we can do immediately provided we get the funds quickly to be able to launch this model. read the thoughts of our US chapter lead Poonam which showcases what we are planning at this link- here

b. to become a full fledged organization riding on the volunteer base but paying a stipend to interested people- this is more of a long term goal and one which i foresee happening a few years down the line.

The point that i am trying to make is that ‘people make organizations what they are’, with the right kind of people ‘everything that we dream of is possible’


A happy and purposeful future beckons- ‘will you step forth and be the change’?


We would love to hear from you, let us know, alternatively you can join our facebook page @:

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