Tarun’s first day at K R Puram Government school

Thank you Jaya for giving me an opportunity to join you to teach English to students of 4th class in Government School – KR Puram. I was only observing you teaching and following your lead but I learnt a lot.

First day at government school was really eye opener for me. We were visiting class IV but the kids were struggling in English language contents meant for Kindergarten. Official English text book could be on par with Private Schools but there was no one in the class who can read it and comprehend it. I was surprised to find few kids who can’t even recognize Alphabets. Picture was not totally gloomy as there were few exceptional kids who were better than their peers however they might also do much better in conductive learning environment. Within 1 hour you realize the divide between government and private schools and feel even stronger to do your bit to narrow this gap. I feel committed to this cause now and already thinking about ways to facilitate learning. We are only doing Weekend class in KR Puram and we know that kids can teach themselves if they found subject interesting. I would like to ignite their interest in language, so that they can self-study on weekdays and look forward to our meetings on weekends. I don’t know what would be the best way to do so But I’m sure that with best efforts of everyone we will find it.

Tarun Jain



If you want to transform lives of young children, come find your moment of happiness.

Here is a small video clip about Shlok.



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