Nithya’s first day at GMPS

What I felt on the first day of volunteering.
What is social work? How can I do something that brings lasting value to the community around me? Those are some questions that I have always grappled with, and recently I think I may have found that elusive answer.
I volunteered at the Puttenahalli Government school close to where I live. This is a school that teaches children from mostly poor families. While the school does teach English, it is not the medium of instruction for Math and science. (Parents who can afford to, send their children to private schools, that are English medium).
Not studying in an English medium puts these children at a significant disadvantage. Disadvantages that probably they carry throughout their lives because they are never able to exert command over English. Most also carry a sense of inadequacy because of their accents.
I say all this because it motivated me to choose to instruct the kids in phonics. I believe this will set them on a path that could provide them the opportunities they deserve and so badly need. It’s great to see the kids, do full of enthusiasm, soak up very bit of instruction they are provided. I’m sure that the kids will be up to speed during the course. I look forward to seeing them succeed in this and others courses that I may be fortunate to help them with.

If you want to transform lives of young children, come find your moment of happiness.

Here is a small video clip about Shlok.


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