SHLOK ‘X’- Breaking new ground in the field of education

10 seconds to count down- 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1… and we have lift off of Space shuttle  X

You have seen these images many times and may have wondered as to how this image found its way into a post about education.


SHLOK X takes off in GMPS Puttenahalli, Bangalore













Ladies and Gentlemen,

We have lift off of SHLOK ‘X’. SHLOK X is a collaborative effort between SHLOK foundation and Dr Sugata Mitras team. Dr Mitras team has been kind enough to work with us and launch this pioneering effort for some of our government schools. This platform is also called SOLE or School in the cloud.

What is the buzz all about. Well a few years ago Sugata Mitra had done an experiment in India where in he left a computer system connected to the internet and put inside a wall. he left without explaining the system to anyone. When he came back he saw that people had learnt stuff about the internet, languages and this had also started the process of peer to peer learning. Dr Mitra went to win the TED X prize in 2013 for the Hole in the wall experiment.

On the 5th of Sep 2014 we launched SHLOK X in SHLOK’s birthplace (GMPS Puttenahalli, Bangalore), the simple idea is that SHLOK X can facilitate self learning or the spirit of enquiry among the students and bring a sense of wonder to the classes they attend to in government schools.

The methodology is simple. A teacher simply poses a question to a group of 4 to 5 kids asking “Why is the sky blue?” or something from thier subject areas and asks them to research the topics using thier laptops and internet connections. After a session of about 30 minutes each group comes forward and makes a presentation.

It amazed me to see that the kids picked up on internet browsing within minutes of being given the system. the level of excitement and energy felt in the room was high.

SHLOK X will give an opportunity to the students studying in government schools. it seems so simple in thought and execution and yet will bring in the changes that we seek from the primary school education system in government schools where SHLOK X is deployed.

While i was leaving the class the students seemed happy at the end of our session and wished me “happy teachers day” with the enthusiasm that only school kids could muster.

There are approximately a 1000 government schools in Bangalore, and you can start something like SHLOK X or join us in our efforts.

Come join SHLOK and simply “Imagine|Impart|Inspire|”


SHLOK X- the first session











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