SHLOK X – Challenges

ShlokX based on Sugata Mitra’s model SOLE (self organized learning environment) was launched at GMPS school in Puttenahalli on 5th September 2014 as part of Guru Utsav celebrations in collaboration with ’the school in the cloud’. After long discussions and debates we finally set the ball rolling in the month of August. First challenge was to get the internet connection at the school. After a couple of visits from the airtel person (our ISP)  we finally settled on getting a WIFI connection in the computer lab. The took for ever but finally everything was set. The next challenge was getting and setting up the laptops to work. We faced many little  problems which we had not anticipated but could solve them quickly and the stage was set.

On the big day we had 4 laptops for the children to work on. After introducing SOLE and posing a question to the children they got to work on the laptops. The question for the day was “which is the biggest animal?” .The children were very excited since for some of them it was the first time  on a computer. The children were able to browse and get pictures of the animals. They told us that the biggest animal is a big fish the name of which they could not find.

SOLE is a big challenge to the facilitator. It involves unlearning what we have learnt so far . We adults are so eager to help and guide the children, we want to give them step by step instructions. The children also are used to asking adults every single problem they encounter. They are not used to thinking and trying to solve the problem themselves. SOLE actually enables that. It empowers children to learn using technology with least interference from adults.

Shlok foundation’s mission is to set up such labs in as many schools as possible. For this we would need volunteers and funds. Anybody willing to contribute in any way please send us an email on



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