Jai raj’s first day at GMPS, Puttenahalli

Having retired after serving for 34 years in  a professionally managed company, I was looking forward to an entirely different experience with Shlok.

My first day started with being at the gates of GMPS government school near puttenhalli lake. I met  three active professional looking ladies from Shlok a few moments later. After short pleasantries, we split into different directions to take classes for students from grades three to five.

I tagged along with Ms Vasanthi to familiarise myself with their teaching methods. As soon as we entered grade three class, children stood up wishing us good morning. As our intention was to make them improve verbal skills, students were told to ask me questions and I was to reply.

Having lived my whole life interacting with one and all in English and having brought up my two children from teaching basic English to seeing them end up as Engineering graduates, It was a totally new experience to realise that there is a totally different set of society where even basic knowledge of  English is alien to them. Even asking me what my name is, is a big challenge for those cute kids. This is inspite of them having a good standard of English language text book for their class!!!!

I value Shlok’s efforts in contributing towards uplifting the downtrodden and making sincere efforts towards the lives of lesser privileged children striving and hoping for a brighter tomorrow. I laud their efforts and hopefully want to play a small part in their vision.

Jai raj


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