Girija’s experience at TBM, Chennai

Today was my first session at TBM. It was a soulful experience for me. I was handling Class 6 students and was surprised to see that a few students did not know their ABC’s.

This was quite odd for me. The fact that I want to highlight here is that the students are interested and want to learn everything, in particular “English” but ( may be ) they didn’t get the right mentors.

Just to quote an example a boy in class 6 didn’t know the alphabets, he is not good in tamil as well. But within just 3 hours he learnt the English alphabets.

I’m not trying to say that did something great but what was done in past 6 years of his school life…?? We didn’t do any magic in those 3 hours that can’t be done in past 6 years.

I’m sure if we take this forward to  many schools we can help many children.

Thanks to Shlok for giving me this opportunity. Looking forward to participate in many such activities.

Thank you… 🙂

Girija S B
Danske Bank – TSM Client Support (BUR)



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