A ‘thank you’ and a ‘bye’ are the most rewarding

A first of it’s kind experience for me – teaching. It really made me nervous when I stepped into the class. I had never taught earlier. I  had Smitha to help me during the class. The first thing that stuck me was the look of all the wide-eyed, smiling faces of the kids.  As the class begun, I could see them all coming close to the board to see what was being written and quickly scribble it in their books. They also read it out as loud as they could.

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Another realization was how difficult it would be for children from a Kannada medium school to cope up with English – reading, writing and spellings. With a bit of hard work and practice, these could be overcome. Once the class got over, the kids ran up to us and said, “Thank you” and “bye”. It was then, that I felt the most rewarding moment of the day. Such are the joys which cannot be replaced. 

– Rachita Somaiah


The Joy Of Sharing

I didn’t know what to expect on my first day with the Shlok team! I had never really taught a group of children of before. The moment I reached the class, I was pushed right into teaching – no time to think whatsoever. Within a few minutes I experienced the joy of sharing with these children what a lot of us take for granted growing up. The sheer energy in the children and eagerness to learn was an amazing experience. I am really looking forward to teaching these students because of the potential for doing exciting and wonderful things for the children, for Shlok and for me!


SHLOK 2013

I was walking out of home the other day towards my car when 3 kids from the government school @ puttenahalli, Bangalore came running towards me and said: ‘english teacher, english teacher bandru, Akka yelli?’ meaning ‘the english teachers have come, where are the other volunteers?’ This reminded me of the reason why SHLOK was born, SHLOK was born for lending a helping, SHLOK was born to give these kids a fighting chance @ life.

As we head to our 1st anniversary of founding i urge you to think of 1 government school in your city as a pilot… There are over 1000 government schools in Bangalore, and i am sure that there are an equal number elsewhere in other urban areas as well. If we can put our efforts into helping these kids learn English and computers we would have achieved something extraordinary.

SHLOK is looking for you, will you step forth and make the change?Image


When will you teach standard 7

So there we were, with a new set of volunteers and finally ready to take on class 4.

We were joined by our colleague from IBM Daksh and this was her 1st class teaching kids..

We are an organization born mainly out of IBM, though we strive to increase local community participation in our organization as a means of doing something meaningful with our Saturday time and also giving back to the society.

Coming back to the present, i was outside class 4 when a kid from class 7 looked @ me and said ‘wont you teach english to class 7’, for a second i was struck for words and then what seemed like the longest time i felt so touched that i had to look away..

As our volunteer based grows we are now faced with this question, should we continue teaching standard 1 to 4 or do we go up from class 5 to 10, this is a larger question which the group continues to debate and perhaps will continue to do so as we grow.

I still thinking of how to answer that question which the girl asked me and it remains to date one of the most intense rushes of emotion that i have experienced